Emil Malak, Writer, Director and CEO

Emil Malak was born in Egypt and attended the French Catholic, Coll├Ęge De La Salle, in Cairo. He obtained a pre-university baccalaureate in chemistry, biology, and mathematics. He also obtained an "HND" from Hollings Faculty in 1974, Manchester, UK.

Despite having had many victories in his life, Emil has also had to endure many tough times and has suffered his share of setbacks, but each time he was knocked down, he always got back up. From a young age he was instilled with a strong work ethic, and a philosophy of one of hard work and perseverance so as to be prepared to seize fleeting opportunities that may present themselves from time to time.

In 1970, at the age of eighteen, he obtained a French Baccalaureate in science, and moved to Paris, France to study medicine to fulfill his father’s wishes that he become a doctor. However, his plans changed when he was not able to afford the cost of medical school, so in late 1970, he left Paris and moved to Liverpool, England, where in 1972 he enrolled at the Hollings Faculty to study hotel administration while working as a waiter at night to pay his way through school.

In 1985, he sold the North British Station Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland which he had acquired a few years earlier and achieved his dream of becoming a cash millionaire, making nearly 1.3 million pounds profit. He then began to invest in many different projects, and land developments including three nursing homes specializing in psychogeriatric care, substance abuse, and behavioral issues. That success was short-lived when in May of 1996, he lost it all and found himself in the difficult position of having to start all over again. 

Having needed to reinvent himself several times throughout his life, he has spearheaded and managed many different business ventures across a variety of industries, including restaurants, telecommunications, biomedical, mining and nanotechnology and is a named inventor on two U.S. patents, Mobile Gateway, U.S. No. 8,630,234 and Electrostatic Desalination and Water Purification, U.S. No. 8,016,993. 

Emil and wife of 19 years, Barbara, currently reside in Vancouver, Canada with their two daughters.