Literary Works

Emil Malak has exhibited his passion for the arts as an author of a variety of works. They include La Rosa, a musical operetta, a Sadness with Joy, World War II novel, and several screenplay scripts. One of his screenplays entitled, Terra Incognita, was the subject of a lawsuit for which he sued Hollywood director James Cameron/Avatar and Twentieth Century Fox for copyright infringement. A settlement was reached by the parties. Emil Malak’s literary works have been copyrighted and published on his website, made freely available to the public.

Here is a list of some of his previous writings, all registered in his name with the Writer’s Guild of Canada:

La Rosa

The first time Emil ever attended an opera was around 1997 or 1998, when he saw La Boehme at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Vancouver, Canada. The translation equipment was not working, causing him to fall asleep from boredom. Not able to understand what they were saying, he asked his partner why operas were not performed with lyrics in English as well as Italian and Spanish?

About a year earlier in May 1996, he had just lost five million dollars, and found himself totally penniless. He was spending twelve hours per day at the city library writing his first novel, Sadness with Joy, and other screenplays and stories. The day after attending the opera, Emil visited the third floor of the library where a rather large lady at the counter smiled and asked if she could help. He expressed an interest in learning about opera and asked if she would please select some beginner level opera books for him. The next day when he returned, she gave him a stack of opera books. The rest is history. It took him several years to fully develop the story of La Rosa, but it all began as a result of this experience. Please listen to the music and read the story.

Project by Emil Malak
Libretto by Emil Malak
Music by Linda Nessel
Screenplay by Emil Malak
Produced by Rick Kilburn
Co-produced by Emil Malak

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Sadness with Joy volumes 1 & 2 were written by Emil Malak to honor his Jewish neighbors in Egypt where he grew up as a child. He decided to write a novel set during the second world war based on the history of the Holocaust and the contribution of the Russian army. This came as the result of his extensive analysis of hundreds of books on the history of World War II.

He began writing this novel in 1996, just after he lost everything. He decided to take a sabbatical that lasted nearly four years and devoted his time to research and writing. It was during this creative period in his life that he wrote this novel, Terra Incognita (Avatar), and his operetta La Rosa. Much of his time was spent researching the history of the Czech Republic, which he learned had a very strong army in 1936. It had 30 divisions and could have beaten Germany during the invasion of Sudetenland if the British would have provided adequate support. Because of their weak Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, the Brits betrayed the Czechs.

The first two volumes have been completed, but the amount of research and the graphic subject matter was quite daunting. He had literally analyzed hundreds of books about World War II, the holocaust, Roosevelt, Hitler, and Stalin. The emotional toll it took on him was so great, he had to step away and take a break that lasted twelve years.

Emil concluded that the war could have and should have ended in 1941 with a frontal attack by Russia had it not been for Churchill’s plans to deceive U.S. President Roosevelt and make him believe they would not succeed in opening a second front in France.

The Battle of Dieppe was a betrayal to all Canadians. Almost 3000 young men were sent to their deaths in order to put off Roosevelt’s second front proposal. Churchill’s plan was to oppose  a second front so Germany and Russia could continue fighting each other allowing the British empire to prevail once again in Europe. Hitler could have conquered Russia had he marched from Smolensk straight into Moscow. In war, you must cut off the head in order to defeat your opponent. In this case the head was Moscow.

His conclusions were much different than what the history books proclaimed. In Emil’s opinion it was not the U.S. or Britain that caused the defeat of the Germans, but rather it was the Russian army under the direction and determination of Stalin. Unfortunately, history is often biased, and we do not always learn the truth as it is written by the victors. He believes it may be time to make my novel available to a much wider audience. Emil can envision the chapters of Sadness With Joy coming to life one day as a War and Peace type television series.

Link to Sadness with Joy Volumes 1 &2

Emil’s passion for writing led him to want to learn how to write screenplays. At the age of 47, he enrolled at the Vancouver film school to take a basic course in scriptwriting and felt a bit out of place as a middle-aged adult in a class full of 18 and 19-year-olds.

Terra Incognita a screenplay by Emil Malak which became the subject of legal action he initiated against James Cameron and Twenty Century Fox. The public documents which include the story and illustrations provided to the court are linked below.

Link to court documents

The Fuhrer’s Son is Stalin written in 1997, this is a story he always felt would make a great movie one day. The premise is that Hitler was cloned and came back as the son of Josef Stalin. 

Link to The Fuhrer’s Son is Stalin

Hotal a comedy based on actual humorous events he encountered during his years in the hotel and restaurant business.

Link to Hotal

Fantasies and Love a romantic story of fantasy and love written in 1999.

Link to Fantasies and Love

Zaboon the Donkey: This was an intended follow-up to Terra Incognita, which could have rivaled the sequel to Avatar. It is the story of a donkey’s journey that shows him to be more peaceful and intelligent than humans.

Link to Zaboon the Donkey